EZi Wallet On The Go

Our event at Bugis is in 2 days on 24th and 25th of May! Be on the look out for our ambassadors!

Why? Lunch & Seek- Play hide and seek for a free meal!

Seek out our ambassadors (they are not actually hard to find😂) in Bugis food streets- Haji Lane, Liang Seah Street, Tan Quee Lan, and the area around North Bridge Road and Middle Road! They will be wearing the shirts you see here!


1. Find one of our many ambassadors.

2. Download EZi Wallet in front of them.

3. Key in a special code the ambassadors provide you with.

4. Use our $10 voucher at any of our merchants - with no minimum spending!


Why wait, come join us this Wednesday & Thursday!